Self Inflicted

karma1Lucy-far got blamed. Lucy-far gets blamed. All humanly errors and afflictions ought to be far from Lucy. She’s done nothing wrong. We must take blame. We’ve got the will power over good , bad and evil. We decide and we choose. Lucy is far and she doesn’t make our choices. There’s evil and we choose it. There’s good and we ignore it. Why blame the Devil? Lucifer is far from manipulating our thoughts and influencing our actions and inactions. Self inflicted is our mishaps and afflictions. Let’s leave Lucifer to hell alone.


Karma GOOD Karma BAD

And then it gets there. Life is an “all time great deal of drama” You play your cards well, you don’t play them well… You still going to be entirely caught up with Mr. Karma. Everyone I believe and have always believed is simply and just tryna give out their best self at being real. There and then, often as always I wouldn’t exclude no man of God, obviously I wouldn’t , for the very fact that they’re also mere mortals. Everyone wants the best for “themselves” and not “yourselves”. They often would want the best for you when they’ve seemingly become the dependent variable. Get that clear…it cuts across globally. Actions , inactions and intents don’t keep still nor remain stagnant for decades. They definitely come back to pay surprise visits…  and offer what we offered to them back unto us. Bottom-line: what goes around, surely comes around.  Invest wisely into what Karma returns as your life profit. Make no avoidable losses.